Love is blind

Several years ago InDesign Blinds team (previously knows as inDezin Blinds) held a Valentines day event at Southbank called Love is Blind.

The idea was to create worlds largest roller blind and sell space to display love messages on Valentines day February 14th as well as a particular spot for a marriage proposal which was auctioned off on

Money raised from sales went direct to Guide Dogs association Vic who were also present on the day.

Overall this was a great day out for a good cause and money were donated to Guide Dogs Vic. unfortunately we weren’t able to stay as long as we wanted due to weather conditions on the day, but that was out of our control.

The event details were also published in Melbourne Observer. Please see photo article attached.

  • Love Is Blind
  • Australia’s largest roller blind
  • structure will be erected on the
  • Yarra on Southbank Promenade
  • tomorrow (Feb. 14) to display supersized
  • love messages from romantic
  • Melbournians.
  • The event is called Love is
  • Blind and all money raised is
  • donated to Guide Dogs Victoria
  • (who will also be present on the
  • day with dogs). There is also a
  • spot for one lucky person for a
  • marriage proposal.
  • The blind is under application
  • for a position in the
  • Guinness World Records book.
  • Melbournians can pass up the
  • regular roses, chocolates and
  • jewellery and opt for a romantic
  • gift with a difference on February
  • 14 – a love message on the
  • largest roller blind structure ever
  • to be built in Australia.
  • The blind display created by
  • Melbourne’s InDezin Blinds,
  • which measures seven metres in
  • length, will be perched on the
  • Southbank Promenade overlooking
  • the Yarra and will display
  • personal love messages from
  • budding Romeos and Juliets
  • across Victoria.
  • Positions (measuring
  • 45x40cm each) cost $20 each
  • and all money will be donated
  • to Guide Dogs Victoria.
  • Also available to one lucky romantic
  • is space for a marriage
  • proposal, measuring almost
  • three metres in length. Bidding
  • for this position will continue
  • until Monday February 11.
  • There are only 178 standard
  • positions available on the blind,
  • and each purchaser receives a
  • personalised certificate to commemorate
  • the event and their
  • message.
  • Blind creator and owner of
  • InDezin Blinds Stan
  • Gorodyshcher said creating the
  • supersized structure has always
  • been a dream since he started
  • working in the industry 10 years
  • ago.
  • An application has also been
  • submitted to the Guinness World
  • Records for the title of ‘World’s
  • Largest Roller Blind’ – the first
  • entry of its kind.
  • Message positions can be
  • pre-purchased online or can be
  • purchased on-site on the day
  • (blind located on Southbank
  • Promenade near Southgate Ave).
  • worlds biggest blind on Southbank Promenade

Southgate Centre Southbank

20131111_104111 20131111_104234 20131111_104055 20130612_094135InDesign team was very fortunate to work with a range of architectural specifiers and engineers to achieve one of our most complicated projects to date.

A client at Souhtgate centre Southbank asked to install two folding arm awnings on an existing heater structure located in the middle of the shopping centre.

These folding arm awnings had to be engineered to withhold 100plus degrees Celsius as well as the mounting and bracketing system to withhold the pressure of 6.8 meter wide track and 3.2 meters long projection and keep the heater functioning as it was originally designed to do.

We worked closely with several centre engineers and architects to achieve desired result for our client. The end result is truly amazing both looks and functionality.


inDesign Goes to Sydney

inDesign Blinds has been working very closely with Gensler ( to complete a newly build construction in Sydney CBD.

We have worked with this client on a previous project in Melbourne, but this proved to be more difficult than before, due to the complexity of the building design and construction.

InDesign Blinds supplied Roller blinds which had to fitted through out levels one to six and installed partly into plaster and aluminium frames where both sides were also uneven from side to side.

Our roller blinds were designed with both function and style in mind, most windows had different fixing points on both sides at most levels.

This project proved to be extremely challenging, but with our experience and  perseverance we were able to complete installation of roller blinds in only a few days.

New online shop at home 24/7 service

To all clients that have always wanted an easy and effective way of shopping for blinds and furnishings in the comfort of their home, InDesign Blinds have created an ultimate shop at home website. is a 24/7 interactive website where you can look at the fabric samples online and even order a cutting.

All fabrics and materials in the pictures are actual fabrics photographed in High Resolution to give you a true colour of the blinds you will receive.

We wanted clients to feel less confused when browsing through our site and more in tuned with our service.

We even created a dual roller page where the site allows you to select fabric for blind 1 and blind 2. This a new innovation in the industry that allows you to select multiple fabrics on a dual roller blind with only inputting one measurement.

InDesign Blinds also updates fabric folders constantly and we selected some of the most popular and unique fabrics based on our vast experience in domestic and commercial sectors.

When placing an order online you are fully protected via our automated banking system, so all personal details are completely secured. Blind are couriered straight to your doorstep via a courier service Australia wide and include complete installation instructions as well as au automated receipt generated at the time of sale.

Feel free to browse through the site and watch several videos on “How To” measure and install blinds. Its much easier that you even imagined.

Architect Specification

inDesing Blinds is working with a range of Architects around Australia and specifications get more and more tricky especially when leading architects are constantly trying to out do themselves with every design and make their design more unique.

Our latest project is in a high end development in Caulfield where certain design and manufacturing principles had to be changed.

Roller blinds on a dual system had to be snugly fitted inside a small recess space of 120mm. We utilised a unique slimline dual system that is less than 110mm wide.

“S-Fold Curtains” were specified to create an overall structured and warm feel to the house. However tracks had to be over 6.7mt long. We specifically found a manufacturer to manufacture tracks to specific length and use a larger profile for more rigidity.

Pictures will be updated later. 05/08/2013

Latest Projects

20130612_094148 20130710_142135 20130710_151101 20130710_151724 20130715_215214

inDesign Blinds is working on a project in SouthGate(South Bank)

Bluetrain has gone a complete revamp and is not trading in a new location.

Studio Equator has designed an exceptional space and atmosphere and involved us on this project from the very start.

We were able to outline a design for blinds and curtains and fit it in with a limited time frame.

Roller blinds were to be designed with a print facing SouthBank BlVD and display BlueTrain Logo along the stretch of six large windows and they were to be motorised at the same time as they are far out of reach. After discussing it with several printers we understood that the best solution would be to split the logo into 18 individual roller blinds and interlink 3 blinds at a time using a new print technology called UV Print. This print technology allows us to expose the design externally and still be able to have a level of UV protection against Fading.

The curtain was another design we worked into the scope of works. This was to be a double backed curtain used as a room divider between function room and main cafe. The trick was to be able to hide entire curtain into a reveal designed by Studio Equator and close the door for complete open space. inDesign worked out the lengths of the curtain and extra lengths needed to stack the curtain into the open space provided.

The result was extremely impressive.

We are still working on the final external awning solution which is to be installed to external heater structure outside of Blue Train. Once complete we will post all the pictures of this project and other relevant information.